Managing Director

Firstly, I let the employees from Myanmar DCR understand deeply the basic attitude of
"If one try, it will serve success. If one don't, it will not. Everything depends on oneself."
Under the circumstances of high aged rate and low birth rate, Myanmar youths who are in high capable of IT and Japanese are now working in Japanese IT Industry and that makes great hope to get good Brand Image in future.

I visited China and ASEAN countries as a responsible person to promote international projects. As a result, I had a chance to come and touch Myanmar for the first time in late 2006. Myanmar is very similar to Japan in many cases and mainly is considering the opposite side at first. And for that, I hope Myanmar will also contribute efforts like Japanese for the customers' success. Since Myanmar young people still have insufficient knowledge in Digital Divide, Technology and Japanese and so trainings are provided to new employees at Myanmar DCR. On the other hand, we dispatch capable employees who have talents in IT and Japanese to Japan, Thailand, etc., Employees now follow the advanced technology trends, have own dreams and have aims to contribute in businesses for good benefits in both Japan and Myanmar. Mr. Yoshihisa Niwa

General Manager

Norio Ito
Mr. Ito Norio

Myanmar DCR has started its 15th year as of 2022. Since its establishment, the social situation has changed drastically and we are still undergoing major changes, but we have continued to grow with the support of our customers.
Our special features are Myanmar staff who are fluent in Japanese. They are good at fine-tuned communication, thorough quality, and management of manufacturing processes, and many customers are struggling with these problems in addition to technical aspects.Through many development experiences with Japanese customers, we have accumulated management and technical skills based on the customer's perspective. If you are looking for a software developer, please let us know.
Myanmar has great potential, and its people have great talent and passion. All of us staff will do our best to meet the expectations of our customers.We look forward to working with Japanese customers, Myanmar customers, and various customers from all over the world.


Mr. Kyaw Min Oo
Senior Manager

Myanmar DCR is now running System Development in a proper process and methodology starting from planning and design phases to programming, testing and maintenance. Myanmar DCR is only one Japanese Company in Myanmar which can provide adequate opportunities to Myanmar youths who want to work in international company and get good experiences in software development.

Mrs. Moe Moe Hla
Senior Manager

I had learned mainly Information Technology and business process when I'm stayed in Japan, over 19 years. I would like to contribute my knowledge and technology to the development of Myanmar and economic development of Japan, while I keep the valuable relations between Japan and Myanmar. I think most of the employees in MDCR are very young and they have flexible thinking. I'll do my best can be able to suggest the best solution with their abilities and technology.

Mr. Toe Myint Soe

Myanmar DCR is now developing Projects mainly from Japan. As Japan is very careful in Quality, our employees to be aware of good practice in Quality. We are developing Oversea Projects, so there are many good chances to attain valuable experiences for youth of Myanmar. Myanmar DCR is suitable for the youths who have big future goals.

Ms. Zin Mar Hlaing

Our Company is one of the companies which always do the Best and which highly regarded in the Quality,to be offered the Customer Delightful Services by the Capabilities, Effort and Honesty of the Myanmar people under the Guidance of Japanese staff, From the Growth of MDCR with the Growth of all Employees, we want to supply to be continued to the Development of the Global.

Mrs. Hnin Oo Lwin

"Be trust and join with us!"
We value our customers and we have got our customers' trust. We have many experiences in japanese system development. Our skillful IT technicians are developing high quality software to fulfill your needs. We develop our systems under the guidance of ISO9001 and the guidance of skillfull japanese supervisors. Myanmar DCR is the best one that keep all the measures of software development(QCD).

Ms. Thazin Mon

There is a great working environment in Myanmar DCR that cannot find in any other company.Because of having good human relationship, having enough training from Senior to Junior,having trustworthiness from Junior to Senior, having enough information sharing, it is a very comfortable working environment.
Since good people are working in a good environment, we are creating good quality products,we are sending products in time (within delivery time).
I would like to show you the appearance of everyone's hard working, please come and see Myanmar DCR.

Mrs. Saw Kalya Aye

Myanmar DCR is the only Japanese Company with high customer reliability and satisfaction in Myanmar. Having a good environment in relationship is also one of the characteristics of MDCR in which "Reporting, Communicating, Consulting" can be made among the managers and employees, seniors and juniors at any time. And international experiences are given to the youths of Myanmar who are smart in honest smiles. Hopefully to work together with you as MDCR have excellent leaders and employees who can communicate well in Japanese and create high quality systems based on Japanese's standards in accurate delivery time.

Ms. Thanda Aung

Myanmar DCR has the longest history as a Japanese IT company in Myanmar. And many good experiences are being shared by our employees came back from Japan. Our employees from MDCR are also very good in techinicals, business manners, communication and can also build great communication with Japanese customer. We are creating and producing high quality products under the guide of Japanese managers and qualified myanmar managers and leaders. So I am sure you will be satisfied well in joining with us.

Mrs. Hsu Mon Lwin

I think, the most important in my work is "trust" and "cooperation" for me. There are many cases in the workplace, and we may be faced various problems everyday, but at that time, friend who can support each other is absolutely needed. We can work in a warm environment by talking with each other regardless of age and position. In that environment we can great to work and it also leads to productivity and quality of work. Myanmar DCR is a company that has "WARM ENVIRONMENT"! Not only do seniors and juniors sharing knowledge and experiences with each other but also work greatly in order to satisfy our customers, we are working closely with customers by a good communication. Myanmar DCR is a company that respects customers' TRUST! At our company, more than half of employees under 30 years old are working. We are actively utilized the idea of young employees. There are many opportunities for young employees to be active and grow. Anytime, everyone can say their opinions, so it is our great attraction. Myanmar DCR is a company that leads to "GROW" together company and employees!

Ms. Nway Yu Khin

We are a company of the DCR Group, and we mainly develop software and mobile applications. Also we develop human resources such as excellent developers and SystemEngineers with specialized knowledge. In order to improve the skills of employees, various in-house education and training are held every year. In addition, we are able to utilize our short-term and long-term dispatch experience in MDCR. As it increases importance about the information security, with quality as serious consideration, please entrust MDCR.