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Are there any education system for employees?
Most of our works are requested from Japanese customer. For this reason, it is important to understand Japanese and higher IT skill. Because we have been growing Myanmar IT Technicians since our company was established, we have a high know-how. Before joining to company, Japanese Language School are provided and after joining, all of the employees aim to pass Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1. We will provide all of the Japanese language learning costs and exam fees. As for IT education, we offers seminar about various programming languages, databases and business knowledge. You can learn the latest Japanese technology directly from excellent Japanese Manager. After completing basic education, you will enter the actual Project, and we aim to skill up with OJT(On Job Training).
Can I get a good salary?
Our company is not the one that give to the employees with the same salary. Our salary system control with ability. Regardless of the year of the company entrance, we will give the high salary to the employee who has high ability. In fact,there are some employees who become team leader in two years. A variety of salary is determined with IT capacity, Japanese capacity, ability to manage Project and communication skills. For this reason,the difference between the salary has become very large depending on the person.
Do I have a chance to go to Japan?
At present April 2019, 80 technicians were dispatched to each company in Japan for carrying out the business. We have some employees who work in Japan for more than three years and have some employees who back and forth between Japan and Myanmar with each Project. Qualification to dispatch Japan need capacity of more than Japanese JLPT(N2) Level and IT capabilities. All employees have chances and we are highly motivated to work together.
There are other companies that temporary staffing to Japan. Although getting a higher salary is benefits, they estranged to Myanmar and our case, you can get the job and equally treated in the same manner as Japanese. Special treatment is not never. By ability, it is also possible to do the work of a higher level overtake Japanese.
Is there a problem for non_experienced person?
At first, all our senior staff started from a state where there is no experience. The staff who has zero level of Japanese don't need to worry. The starting point is the same as everyone. Education plan has been prepared using a wide range of stacking since the establishment. If the person who has passed the recruitment test, it will be able to skill up without problems. You should have become a professional IT talent definitely in a few years.
Does MyanmarDCR support for employees's career?
We set a clear career path for all employees to years of experience,areas of expertise and hope. We are working to skill up towards it. However,please do not think those skills are never given by someone. It's something that your own grasp. For those who are considering their own skills in order to highly motivated, our company will fully support. We are looking for people like that.
What do I need to prepare to work?
You do not need anything. It is ok if there is a strong feeling that you want to demonstrate your abilities in the IT companies in Japan. If we give you to advice, you have to make the image of the future after one year, three years later and 10 years after you joined. You must be considered towards it how you should act now. Prior to these as well, if you can always image even after joining the company, you should come closer to the realization of a dream.
For Recruit Exam, which books should I practice?
You do not need to practice in particular. Recruitment Test is the difference between school exams. Our test is to determine the current skill level of everyone, whether you have makings of IT and predisposition to do work in Japan. If you answer using your real skill, it is ok.

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