Graduated from any university

IT-related work experience

Japanese Language Proficiency Skill

We are looking for human resource that meets the following facts

  • person who wants to perticipate in the Future Myanmar ICT development
  • person who can present his own idea and can communicate and interact at ease
  • person who can work with in team
  • person who is enthusiastic and tries hard to develop own skills
  • person who has future goals and ables to cope with challenges to achieve goals

Type of recruiting

Project Leader

  • who have Project Leadership experience
  • Japanese language proficiency level N3 or higher


  • Under 30-years old
  • more than two years programmer experience
  • Japanese language proficiency level N4 or higher

Rights of Employees

basic basic

  • Technical skill allowance
  • Management skill allowance
  • Qualification allowance (JLPT, ITPEC, IELTS..)
  • Transportation Fees
  • Hostel Fees etc.
Average salary of 3 year experienced employee = Around 500,000 Kyats
(overtime fees are not included)
Working hours 8:00AM ~ 5:00PM
(Lunch break:1hour and 15mins, regular working hours:7hours and 45mins)
Holiday Saturday, Sunday, Public holidays
MDCR Special Holidays(company anniversary, birthday, new year, etc..)
Welfare Employee trip (2018 Bangkok)
Regular medical check-up

How to apply

Download the application shown at above mentioned link. Fill the information and send it back to

download here


Will not answer the inspectation via phone.

Can submit applications in no time limit since this advertisement is described.

Can reject applications in which the filled information are incomplete.

(Please Check the application carefully, before sending.)

Recruitment Exam

■ We will choose to hire permanent employees.
■ There will be interview to all who passed the written test.
※ The chosen employee will be hired as a permanent one after the understanding on the nature of work and culture at work during three months of internship period with the agreements from both parties.

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