A company To invest
in the development of human

Japanese language trainings are provided by
our training partner schools, "Win" and "Momiji"
Japanese Language School.All of the employees aim
to pass Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) N1.
We will provide all the costs of education in Japanese
and the exam fees for the JLPT. Regard to ICT
skills, OJT basic education and step-by-step
training system has been established. To a
wide range of business skills, were
implementing a variety of in-house
seminars every week.


A company that is
available to all employees

You can work not only System Design
but also System development and direct Japanese
conversation with customers is possible.For a
technology system of specialist and system
management specialist, we set a goal depending
on the capabilities. There is an environment
that you can always consult
Leader and manager.


A company that can
talk freely to the general
staff from the top

President`s Office does not exist.
President,General Manager and leader work
with all employees on the same floor. There is
an atmosphere that you can feel free to talk
anything. Base on the voice of the
employees, the improvement of
the company`s plan is always



A company that can
learn Japanese latest art
technology and modern techniques

Customers are all top Japanese companies.
We develop the projects with the using of the latest
technology and the latest developments.For working
directly with customers in a conversation,high
communication ability is required.We have a number of
Japanese Manager who can teach japanese working
concept and approach to the work.According to
the Job description and skills,you will be able
to toggle back and forth between
Japan and Myanmar and accumulate
a lot of experience.

A company that think
in the lives of our employees first

Various benefits are substantial.
(Japanese/English/IT/Skill allowance/education allowance/
work experience allowance etc.) Weekends and holidays are
holidays.Paid leave, medical leave (vacation,family events,etc.),
maternity leave. Leave system has various facilities.Various
landing facilities are avaliable. (Interest-free loans in-house,
repayment is possible.) At the time of dispatch to Japan,
housing at the expense of the company will be provided.
(There is also a system of prepaid salary
appointed immediately.)

A company that you
want to back up all aspects
of corporate entrepreneurship

You can create new business with
your own idea. We fully backed up by
company employees who can think and
action their own. Failure is not a shame.
If you do not take action for fear of
failure, it will be definately
a shame.


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