Education committee is helping to improve both Technical and Japanese skills of employees by providing company library and giving necessary courses and sharing experiences from senior staffs.


Objectives of
Education Committee

Educating the basic technical skill(Business Manner, IT Basic Knowledge )
Planning and supporting of training to improve skills
Planning and supporting of training to realize the career path for each employee

IT Training

To improve IT skills of new employees, basic programming knowledges are supported by our training partner company, KMD Computer Center. Further IT knowledge and On Job Trainings are provided within company.Because each employee have future goals, further education is also being supported to achieve their goals.

Web Design ・Macromedia Dreamweaver ・Macromedia Fireworks ・HTML, CSS
Programming ・ASP.Net ・C#.Net ・VB.Net
・Java Servlet ・Strut1, Strut2 ・PHP
・Android ・Ruby ・Silverlight
Database ・Microsoft Access ・MySQL ・SQL Server
・Oracle ・DB2
Server ・Networking Basic ・Linux Basic
Documentation ・Requirement Definition ・System Design ・Detail Design
・System Flow ・Design Pattern ・UML Design
・Development Process
Management/ Consultant ・Leadership ・Project Management ・Consulting Methodology

Japanese Training

Japanese language trainings are provided by our training partner schools, Momiji Japanese Language School. All of the employees aim to pass Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1.

  1. Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1(Advanced Level)
  2. Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2(Pre Advanced Level)
  3. Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3(Intermediate Level)
  4. Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4(Basic Level)