Website is like a saleman who is working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without rest.
If it were the internet usable environment, there is a huge feature that everyone can see freely regardless of time and region, age and gender. If you have a website, the customers who were not able to contact you until now become able to contact you easily and quickly from contact page.

When you build a Website

Planning and concept ideas, design and layout and so on, we have a variety of work processes. Many website companies are selling the early prepared template websites that you can choose design as you like and create your website easily.
But the template website is fixed layout and design, even you have ideas as
”I want to change a little here", "I want to change only part of image" it cannot be changed.
The problem of customers is solved in MDCR 5p-Pack.

MDCR 5p-Pack is

prepared 5 pages as basic
build website immediately after accepting company info and business content
carry out meetings and create design correspondence with customer’s expectation
MDCR 5p-Pack basic layout is just a sample and can freely change as your needs
just tell the needs, hand off the logo and our pro-designer will adjust design

You can build such a website using our package basically worth 500USD(※)
Fully order made website can be constructed with cheap price actually.
(※)Please feel free to contact us for other additional pages.

MDCR 5p-Pack basic Layout

   Home home The goal is to convey your company’s information to a variety of customers on the net. It is the entrance of important information for those who want to know your company’s information and are thinking about investment, employment and buying products, etc.,
  About Us Company information About Us page is a page for explaining your company details. The information such as philosophy, policy, history, address and map etc., is placed to understand easily in this page in order to get to know your customers about company’s information.
   Service service Services page is a page to indroduce the various services that are offered by your company. This page build with very important contents to appeal to your company strengths. It is important to create simple and easy to understand design.
   Contact contact Contact Us page is used to get questions from customers. We often see a website that describes only the e-mail address but it will cause all necessary information are not described in mail and sometimes mischief-mail might received. Therefore it is necessary to create contact page.
   Latest News latest news Latest News page is a page to appeal to those who become a fan of your company’s latest information. There are many cases lead to increase the visitors’ count by searching the information as a keyword.

MDCR 5p-Pack Strong Points

  Original design suit your’s needs
  • Original design suit with the customer’s needs
  • Build the customer expected design after the confirmation of the design proposal
  Support Multi devices
  • Support multi-device such as PC, smart phone, tablet etc., web design
  • Can display a page that is optimized for each device with only one source
  Variety Of Mail Form
  • Able to create mail form that corresponds with a variety of applications such as inquiry, sing-up, survey and order
  SEO Features
  • All pages obey HTML, CSS coding standard and use the basic SEO features to display at the upper part of search results returned by a search engine like yahoo and google
  Multi-language support
  • Possible to create website with japanese, english and myanmar language
  Real-Time Traffic Reports
  • Can access the real-time traffic reports of your website